V.S Narasimhan

Composer, Music director and Founder and First violinist of the Madras String Quartet

V.S. Narasimhan was introduced to South Indian Classical music (Carnatic) in his very early years by his father, V. Srinivasa Iyengar, a virtuoso of the string instrument, Gottuvadyam.

As a young boy, he accompanied his father’s gottuvadyam recitals on the violin. Later, he started playing the violin as the youngest member of the orchestras of the film industry in Chennai. It was at this time when he became attracted to western classical music, pursued its study and eventually began leading the Madras Chamber Orchestra.

He has since scored music for several major south Indian movies. He has also scored music for albums and special projects while working with well-known Indian legends such as A.R. Rahman, Ilaiyaraja, Karaikudi Mani (mridangam virtuoso) and other innovative musicians from abroad including John Kaizan Neptune and French violin virtuoso Gilles Apap. Mr. Narasimhan has performed widely throughout India and abroad.

V.R Sekar

V.R.Sekar is the son of the well-known violin virtuoso Kunnakkudi R.Vaidyanathan

Mr. Sekar began learning South Indian Classical Music on the violin as a boy but soon gravitated towards the sound of the cello and decided to switch to that instrument. He started learning from a local cellist in Chennai and used his ability to learn quickly and his natural musical sensitivity to become an accomplished cellist.

He is a traveling soloist with legendary Indian composer A.R. Rahman and has performed with other numerous musical legends including Beatle George Harrison. He has also participated in a master class by the legendary musician, Mstislav Rostropovich, during a past visit there by the cellist.


R.Parthasarathy is the son of the well-known veena virtuoso V. Raghavan

R.Parthasarathy hails from a family of musicians and began learning on the fretted Indian string instrument called the “Veena” from a very early age. He learned under the tutelage of his father, Mr. V. Raghavan, a well-known veena virtuoso.

Mr. R. Parthasarathy’s unique skill on the veena comes from his ability to effectively use the “string bend” technique. With a measured, perfectly executed “bend” of the veena string, Mr. Parthasarathy achieves remarkably smooth phrases which adds a greater dimension to the music. Although Mr. Parthsarathy uses this “string bend” technique widely throughout his performances, he has also mastered a wide variety of other techniques.

He displays a combination of the best techniques of the great veena masters of earlier years including S. Balachander and Doraiswamy Iyengar. Mr. Parthsarathy’s unique style has enthralled audiences at home and abroad. He is recognized by All India Radio as a high caliber artist (being given the distinction of A grade). His frequent involvement in the world of modern film music, jazz festivals and instrumental ensembles has expanded his musical perspective. His musical curiosity and dedication have made him a favorite of audiences worldwide.

R. Chandrasekar

Head Recording Engineer

R. Chandrasekar is the head recording engineer for String Temple. He is the resident expert on all things related to recording and sound technology and he has over 25 years experience in mixing and mastering of albums. He has completed work for numerous world-famous artists and his contributions to the finished product are invaluable.