Varnams is compilation of four new tracks of popular South Indian Classical “Varnams”(Semi-Lyrical compositions) arranged for String Quartet by V. S. Narasimhan. Performed on Electric Violin & Viola by V. S. Narasimhan and on Electric Cello by V. R. Sekar.


Dear Narasimhan

I have listened to the Varnams and even played them at half speed.
I think you have done an outstanding job with them.

You must be one of the few musicians there that can keep the tala. It really does not budge even when you change the time signature.
That is fantastic. It gives them a sense of grace and fullness.

Well done

Your choice of tempo is wonderful. It is correct. It allows you to do your phrasing and dynamics even in the change of tempos. It make he varnams very interesting.

And your gamagas are full. You actually go from one note to the other . If the gamaga is a whole tone you do it.
I think that is because not only do you pick the right tempo but your fingering is well thought out.

Adrian L’Armand

Violinist and Teacher, Pennsylvania, U.S. A.



Dear Narasimhan,

I’ve listened to your pieces several times now. Each time my reaction is pure pleasure. It’s as if you packaged beauty and miraculously shipped it overseas to touch my heart.

The score can’t begin to convey the nuances of your performance – the rich texture of the ornamentation, the stimulation of the pulses that transcend bar lines, the variety of rhythmic patterns. The emotions move from tender to vigorous, all within a disciplined structure.

Thank you for the gift of your art.

Adelaide Edelson, Performing Pianist, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA