Cello-Veena Romance

This album “Romance” features Veena and Cello. Originally this music was composed for a dance group and was called“Living Tree”. Since this beautiful music is not available when the program ended, the team at String Temple Records revived it and relabeled the tracks to fit the theme of a love story!




I listened to Narasimhan’s “Romance”. A hearing of the whole score reveals to me such a pleasant interplay of instruments and musical gestures! The whole feels delightfully light, suggesting that In India the course of true love can run smooth, with “Happily Ever After” at the end perhaps lightest of all. Yet there was also , to my ear, one powerfully dark moment supplied by the oboe timbre of the synthesizer in the eighth movement.

The visual cues—the quick movement summaries and the pictures of instruments (and sometimes players) at moments
when they were prominent, were also more helpful than any others I had seen before in a sound recording. So “Romance” has also been a kind of milestone in my musical education as well as a real listening pleasure.

Fred Shoup, Violinist, Musicologist & former manager of Rockville Chamber Players, Washington DC, U.S.A