Raga Saga is a widely hailed, ground-breaking work which captures V.S. Narasimhan’s original integration of the Indian and Western classical music systems. A pioneer in this entirely new musical form of using the western string quartet format for Indian music, Mr. Narasimhan uses a delicate, intricate, thoughtful approach in his artistic touch replete with an enduring blend of Western harmonies, counterpoint, and pulsating rhythmic structures.

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Amazing, loved listening to this! Please do produce more such works!

-by Raghav D

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Another terrific album. I love the musicality as well as the technical wizardry in this work, just amazing!!

-by David Richards

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WOW..simply mind-blowing music. Great Work Sir!! Hats off to you and your team!

-by Abhishek Rammanuja

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Amazing piece of work!!! i have been following Mr Narasimhan’s work from the last album (MSQ) and so far both the albums have been one of the best western treatment of carnatic music. I have heard a lot of fusions, remixes and several other experiments with carnatic music. So far this has been the BEST as the artists have taken utmost care not to compromise the feel of the raga and the krithi’s and the emotions they generate. The use of “Silence” in several compositions has given it a different color all together. My favorites are Navaragamalika, Krishna nee begane from the previous album and Vathapi, thillana from Raga Saga…

Please keep us posted on your new works and live performance would defenitley like to attend one.

Hats off!

-by Krishnakumar Kottekkat

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Scintilating performance. It is unfortunate that we have no idea where to get this in India. Wrote to Strong temple through the wed. But no response.
Please let me know if you can get this somwhere in india

-by Gururaman Venkatesan

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Read a good review of this album in tamil.

எல்லை மீறும் கம்பிகள் – ராகசாகா

-by Ramani Kesavan

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One of the best album I’ve heard after Aberi & Pancha Nadai Pallavi of L. Shankar. VSN should do more like these.

-by Ravi Chakravarthy

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The best and masterpiece. Specially, Orajoopu, Sudhaamayi and Shree Mahaa Ganapathi. I listen to this most of the time while going for a walk and it helps to me relax a lot.

-by Padmanabhan Iyer

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Wow. The richness in this music fills the ears and heart.
Truly a new dimention to Indian Carnatic Music.

-by Saravanan Balasubramanian

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well, its a good work. but resonance was better in the choice of compositions and “counter melodies” . Would have been great had an acoustic violin been used. Orajoopu, sudhamayi, kambhoji , and C.R Subbaraman’s ragamaalika are very good. But one must posses this album for a idea of how Carnatic can blend with western classical. This is certainly not one such album that goes into the market under a vague name “fusion” . Its much more valuable.

-by Balachandra Suri