Incredible String Bends

Incredible String Bends is a virtuosic ride up and down the frets of a South Indian instrument called the Veena – a close cousin of the well-known instrument Sitar. This instrumental rendering of South Indian classical music also incorporates some North Indian musical style.

The music is dynamic and full of excitement due to the wizardry of Mr. Parthasarthy. The album is appropriately titled “Incredible String Bends” because of the string pulling technique that creates a smooth, indelible phrasing that is the staple of Mr. Parthasarathy’s style.

Customer Reviews

Anandamruthavarshini last sangathi on the pallavi was uniquely handled with 3-sthayi prayoga – a bold effort. The Hindolam raga alapana started on the anumanthra sthayi with a lot of string bending – crossing 3-4 swaras in a fret, which Im not sure how it could have been done; because pulling even very little on anumanthra string causes it to go out of the frets. ‘Nithi chala’ had beautiful sarvalaghu kalpanaswaras, peppered with panchama-varja and sadjama-varja phrases, which brought out the beauty of Kalyani. A great buy!

-by Ramkumar Vasudevan

Customer Reviews

Mr. Parthasarthy is a tremendous musician and his skill is on full display here. The “String Bends” are so interesting to listen to and I can only describe them as pure musical wizardry! This is a real virtuoso at work – really a treat to listen to!

-by Deepak Sahay