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Easy Listening – V.S. Narasimhan


Varnams is compilation of four new tracks of popular South Indian Classical “Varnams”(Semi-Lyrical compositions) arranged for String Quartet by V. S. Narasimhan. Performed on Electric Violin & Viola by V. S. Narasimhan and on Electric Cello by V. R. Sekar.


This album is a collection of eight ragas played on the violin by V.S. Narasimhan, Each raga is a unique combination of emotion and moods expressed in this creative rendition.
He has performed in this album at the request of his Rasikas (listners, fans) who have enjoyed his unique, delicate but nonetheless powerful way of playing Carnatic music.


This track is the realization of a long-term dream of V.S. Narasimhan for presenting the beautiful melodies of Carnatic songs through human voices with the glory of harmonic principles of Western music.


This album “Romance” features Veena and Cello. Originally this music was composed for a dance group and was called“Living Tree”.

Raga Fantasy

V.S. Narasimhan is a pioneer in composing and arranging south Indian traditional compositions for string quartet. The latest album- Raga Fantasy by V.S. Narasimhan focuses on several aspects.

Seamless Strings

Seamless Strings is yet another momentous effort in V.S. Narasimhan’s on-going journey to connect the Indian and Western Classical music systems through works for string quartet.

Incredible String Bends

Incredible String Bends is a virtuosic ride up and down the frets of a South Indian instrument called the Veena – a close cousin of the well-known instrument Sitar. This instrumental rendering of South Indian classical music also incorporates some North Indian musical style.

Portrait of Raga

V.S. Narasimhan and his Madras String Quartet take us on another journey into the world of South Indian Classical Music through the vehicle of Western harmony.

Raga Saga

Raga Saga is a widely hailed, ground-breaking work which captures V.S. Narasimhan’s original integration of the Indian and Western classical music systems.